What We Provide

Government Affairs and Communications Strategies

We win battles for our clients, whether that is strategic communications, lobby efforts, or creating a data driven persuasion campaign designed to raise awareness of your issue to key decision makers.

Today’s public affairs campaigns rely on strategic message development, influencer activation and targeted digital campaigns to specific audiences. The tools and data available allow precision in targeting, meaning our clients’ resources are leveraged in a much more efficient manner.

Strategic Planning

Every issue our clients face, has a solution. That’s where we come in. A fresh set of eyes and a different way of framing your issue can pay off. Targeting specific influencers can move the needle, getting them as your advocates can win the battle.

Federal & State Government Relations

Everything is political in the governmental space. Our expertise and decades of relationships in Washington DC and state capitals across the country can help your company navigate the layers and layers of bureaucracy to find sensible solutions to your issues.

Coalition Building

The amount of data available today allows us to the ability craft your message and build out targeted audiences on-line. Who advocates on your behalf is as important as what they are saying. Data driven audience building can tell us who is with us and just as important, what motivates them to take an action on our behalf.

National Operative Network

While most fights originate in Washington DC, the real work to be done is often back in the states impacted by the actions in DC. Decision makers in DC pay particular attention to influencers in their respective states. Our relationships and strategic partnerships with operatives across the country help build solid teams to advance your issues.