Hans Klingler


Practice Areas



  • Over 30 years of political and public policy experience
  • Have represented Fortune 100 companies in the financial services, homeland security , infrastructure and disaster preparedness sectors
  • Served as Senior Advisor and/or Chief of Staff to members of leadership of both the US House and Senate
  • Served in senior political roles to Governors, Lieutenant Governors and State Political Parties
  • Frequent political commentator on television and radio

Differentiating Skills

  • Ran a leadership office in the House of Representatives
  • Involved in the crafting and messaging two homeland security authorization bills and one cyber security authorization act
  • Led over a dozen national coalition efforts including healthcare, infrastructure, foreign relations maximizing client goals
  • Extensive national media experience serving as spokesman for the largest state political delegation at two national conventions.
  • Substantial record of success in achieving client goals through the appropriations process

Past Experience

  • Chief of Staff to two members of the House of Representatives (Hon. Connie Mack, Hon. Michael McCaul)
  • Deputy Chief of Staff to the House GOP Conference (Chairman Jeb Hensarling)
  • Director of Communications and Political Operations Republican Party of Texas
  • Director of Special Projects Lieutenant Governor Rick Perry
  • Regional Director United States Senate (Hon. Phil Gramm)


B.A. Political Science/Psychology, Texas Tech University

Did You Know...

  • Is avid aviation geek
  • Was born in Philadelphia but raised in Texas and still roots for all Philly sports
  • Has served as a mentor to dozens of fellow Texas Tech University grads making their way into the political arena
  • Married his wife Cheryl after knowing her since the in 7th grade
  • Was raised in a dog show family….think “Best In Show”
  • Is crazy about his home state of Texas